how to earn $44 million a year, this is a lot of people can not imagine the problem. However, a young boy in Finland has realized this dream, has obtained the rich wealth. So, with a small series together to see the magic of the Finland juvenile bar!

Deal , "Dash" and "angry birds" and "tribal wars" are fellow villagers, but this is a place where games abound. The William website also added some game elements, such as every time after a successful auction site on the right there is a bar display full of blood, and buy more faster and upgrade mechanism, after adding these elements, the website user stickiness Willam doubled 6 times, now every user’s residence time on the site the average is 57 minutes.

DealDash get involved in this area is not fun, come and go to a lot of companies, a lot of money into a lot of money. Swoopo took $14 million in financing and closed in 2011. BigDeal won the 4 million 500 thousand Angel Fund and died. Schmidt cast a oohilove, also not far away from death; now DealDash’s most powerful competitor to the number of MadBid (with 6 million financing).