mixed stars in the entertainment, in the sun when you have to pay attention to, before William Feng, the recent police were named Zhang Xinyu. And Zhang Xinyu is also often friends black, do not know that she is not accustomed to, the following list of the four major reasons why Zhang Xinyu is often black.


William Feng earlier because micro-blog drying out unlicensed motorcycle police warning, did not think Zhang Xinyu made the same mistake, star sun shine is good, but also pay attention to detail, giving fans a lead role model model.


in Zhang Xinyu and Li Chen broke up, many users are happy for Li Chen, said finally left a bad woman claiming to be Zhang Xinyu, Zhang Xinyu why bad reputation

?One reason:

has been passed Zuosi

2012 September 2nd, micro-blog Hong Kong counsels Sasha made such a micro-blog: "Zhang Xinyu formerly known as Zhang Yan, was in Wuxi in a nightclub to a nightclub in Hangzhou basin, Hangzhou basin, the introduction of a red card, is very expensive, at least 3000 yuan." This news, so Zhang Xinyu Zuosi rumors intensified. At the same time the Internet also exposed suspected Zhang Xinyu "dissolute" photos.

two reasons: the love of the sun bed according to

three reasons:

star blanket reasonThe word "

"blanket" stars, since Wang Sicong really is used, the more "carry forward", so many stars this term also branded "blanket" stars, and less Cong first attack "blanket star" is Zhang Xinyu Fan Bingbing, although very obscure said "to" "an ice". However, it is still friends to sniff out that Zhang Xinyu, the red carpet to go more, but the work is very few, in order to improve the degree of exposure to the red carpet.

four reasons: by taking high