days in the past, from the very important two sections of the year is getting closer and closer to the major stores, it is showing a fierce competition before the state of preparation. New year’s day, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, Wang Xiaoping believes that in order to achieve strong sales performance during the two periods, we must put the purchase of goods as the most critical element in the purchase of goods on the foot of the article. Supply into the purchase is the first step in the sale of business can achieve good results. Supply into the purchase, both concerned about its quality, but also pay attention to its price, but also concerned about the public acceptance of such goods. Must not blindly into the purchase, follow suit purchase.

to purchase goods into the decision, must be more in-depth market investigation, all kinds of information as much as possible to fully grasp the true want into the purchase of goods, and then the quality and price, make a reasonable choice of purchase. Select the purchase should pay attention to the following aspects.

first, we should try to find suitable for two sales of new products. New year’s day, Spring Festival is the Chinese reunion together the traditional festival, this festival is two people Zouqinfangyou, mutual gifts season, relative purchasing power is the strongest season, we would like to purchase some new goods to attract customers, for customers to choose from, not only increase the traffic, but also improve the sales.

second, to be an ample supply of public goods supply. The most popular demand during the Spring Festival, the best sales of basic public goods. In this regard, we are very concerned about the amount of goods added to the public goods, no matter what kind of goods, there has never been a customer into the store, because the lack of supply, and the phenomenon of regret leaving.

again, to ensure the quality of supply. As the saying goes, take a turn back. Check the quality of supply is the most important part of our successful sales. If we do not pass the quality of the supply of goods, on the surface is to deceive the customer, in fact, eventually deceive themselves. In order to improve the quality of the goods, I insist on strengthening the understanding of the quality certification of various commodities and the quality of reference data.

at the same time, we must adhere to the purchase of the regular channels of purchase, not because of petty gain to a number of counterfeit market purchase. In addition, when the purchase, adhere to pay attention to enter into the purchase contract with the supplier, the purchase of a formal invoice, to prevent the supply of false, according to the law for recovery.


are extraordinary for a store any Chinese, only do the preparatory work, can let the store make money at this special moment, create more wealth. So, if you are a retail shop owner, you will pay attention to the source of the purchase work?