Europe has many trained engineers and programmers, and has a larger consumer groups than the United States, the European science and technology industry, many young people are the continent as a new hope.


January 30th, according to foreign media reports, with a number of European countries to increase investment in science and technology industry and support efforts, many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley or work in science and technology have returned to their own country.

ten years ago, the Danish born Portuguese engineer Russ · Nielsen (Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen – fier cable) to become a technology entrepreneur, he bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley.

, who has been working in Silicon Valley for eight years, has served as an executive at Dropbox, WhatsApp and Uber, and is now back in europe.

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technology industry has been completely changed," fiers cable Nielsen said, "now the opportunity here." He has joined a technology investment company in london.

and fier cable Nielsen, many young people of European science and technology industry is the European continent as a new hope.

Florian Jourda to give up in the United States cloud services provider Box executives, joined his country in France, an entrepreneurial accelerator. Niklas Zennstrom from Sweden is one of the founders of Skype, in 2005, he sold the Skype to U.S. investors, and then created a focus on European technology start-ups investment fund.

Europe has many trained engineers and programmers, and has a larger consumer groups than the United states. There have been many start-ups in Europe, but many of them were later bought by American investors like Skype.

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has been trying to create a so-called digital single market, but its split and draconian fiscal and social and economic regulations and prevent the rapid growth of many European emerging technology companies, technology companies have mostly failed to become the leader in the industry, many companies even unprofitable.

however, France and other European countries, the risk of capital inflows last year reached a record level, because Europe’s local government increased the training of skilled workers and support, and for the early start-up companies to create a large incubator of science and technology industry also increased investment by government support fund.

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of mainland Europe – such as the Swedish music streaming company Spotify AB, the German business incubator Rocket Internet and Finland Supercell game company’s market value has reached billions of dollars. Spotify founder Daniel Ecker (> ·