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network business has become very common, the network stores project selection is a critical factor in the online shop, people often have some agents of some brands, so if you own a brand how?

"now the clothing trade network has entered the 3 era, the original by the agent, selling version started sooner or later to seller brand transformation." Zhou Fan said that he wants to do is not the product, but the business model. Online shop selling what? Zhou fan is a senior at Chongqing University of Science and Technology, now business less than two years, he was on the Taobao mall brand menswear flagship store has been rushed to the 4 drill, favorable rate reached 99.01%, the average daily sales of more than 40 pieces of clothing, the annual turnover of more than 120 yuan.


re design of men’s fashion

"said Taobao is now the Red Sea, but in fact that is a lot of people do not identify the location." Zhou Fan told reporters, "at present, most of the men’s shop online is mainly divided into two categories, one is free from all kinds of brand clothing wholesale market Amoy, take the amount at a low price and version; the other is a brand clothing agent, by post or brand profit rebate. What do we sell on the net? What we do is another kind of pattern, create oneself brand." Zhou Fan said.

this mode of advantage? Zhou fan replied: "the unique product, and low cost. In the clothing design, we do not take the form of original, but through the collection of Taobao’s best-selling dozens of men’s version, then a tender in the form of contract to the designer in the form of fine clothing design; production, we get the goods by batch form send orders directly to the garment factory."