judges whether a website is valuable and if it is good to evaluate in many ways. Here are some ways for individuals to judge the value of their website.

1. site usability.

The usefulness of the

website is the value of the site, and if a website is not practical, even if it is done well, it is of little value. It’s like a silver bullet. It doesn’t work well". The station that can leave visitor truly, must be practical station. Internet users can find useful information at this station, they will be impressed by the station, and even become loyal visitors. Facts also illustrate the situation. For example, the early years of QQ163, its page art really do not do well. But it has a lot of loyal visitors. Because it provides rich music resources for visiting Internet users. Satisfy people’s demand for songs. In addition to good site access speed, naturally retain a lot of friends. Every day although the network is a small station, but also in this direction, as much as possible to provide useful information to help friends.

2. website innovation.

innovation can surprise anyone in any field, and innovative websites can naturally give visitors different feelings and experiences. The first step in many web sites’ success is innovation. Taking a route that is completely different from other websites is innovation, and improving functionality on the basis of others is also innovation. As long as there is innovation, you can be different, you can attract more eyeballs. An innovative website, and then to integrate practical, it will be of great value. If the operation is reasonable, it will be successful. Let’s see some examples. The home of the hao123 web site was very successful, causing a large number of individual owners and companies to imitate it. The exact imitators were barely successful, but some innovative improvements were made (at least on a scale). This is based on the original innovation. There are many innovations that did not exist before, creating a new model and creating a new experience. For example, the emergence of video sharing network. The emergence of Witkey networks and so on.

3. site convenience.

convenience can be attributed to user experience design. Convenient for users to use various functions to facilitate user access, user-friendly postings and so on, are the convenience of the site, the user experience reflects. Website design is convenient and fast, you can save the time of users, improve the efficiency of users. For example, users want to find a certain information, if you can let it spend less, steps can be found, users of the natural impression of the site better. Take Baidu search as an example, the page is designed very succinctly, so that users can clearly use various search functions to find relevant information. On the contrary, YAHOO’s search page in China has integrated some news stories that seem like a lot of things, but it has affected users to use what they really want to use – search. This gives the search user experience is not good. Anyway, I don’t use YAHOO’s China search very much.

4. website beauty.