[I world network note] in China’s electricity supplier market, for entrepreneurial enterprises, only two outcomes: either scenery, or die. Three years later, honey Amoy is a living proof that rule the case: either listed or die. And in the sea Amoy industry to maintain profitability, there are three key points: supply stable and adequate, efficient logistics channels, no price war.


world network operators" editor’s note: in September 16th, micro-blog announced the Alibaba, will join South Korea famous fashion beauty group such as Samsung Group, e.land group, and also did not enter the market of South Korea Chinese local enterprises, as one of the five major fashion business group, TWEE normal group, dozens of well-known Korean original designer of a total of more than 200 brands of South Korea the brand, launched a great in strength and impetus "Han Feng fashion week".

cross-border maternal electricity supplier honey bud also announced in September 16th to complete the D round of $150 million financing. Honey bud this round of financing by Baidu lead investment, the original investors H Capital, Sequoia Capital, as well as a number of family funds in the United States and cast. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan said, financing will be mainly used for the upper and lower industry chain layout, brand promotion and user access, as well as strengthen the IT infrastructure construction".

at the same time, NetEase koala sea purchase also announced with 500 global big names open "global sea Amoy Festival" big promotion activities; SF sea Amoy on-line Italy Pavilion;

carried out a large-scale revision of "Honey Amoy" put forward the concept of Korean duty-free shop, the future strategy bet in South korea. Honey Amoy network founder and CEO Xie Wenbin said, in the operation of the whole platform ideas under the category of Datong, the "price war" has become a tool of competition between the cross-border electricity supplier, the price war is not the future, cross-border competition is the core of the real value of war, to create value for customers, create value for the brand, which is our fundamental this transformation."

he intends to through this transformation, "small and beautiful" deep South Korean small and medium-sized brands, to create a "Honey Amoy" is different from other companies’ characteristics and advantages, improve visibility, looking for and gathering specific user groups.

honey Amoy transformation, odds geometry, the following is from Shanghai, oh, the president of Network Technology Co., Ltd., the founder of cross-border electricity supplier research center Li Pengbo analysis:

Wen / Li Peng Bo

September 2015, honey Amoy announced, plans three years later, A shares listed. This should be the first company in the army to make such a grand goal. As an observer of the "sea Amoy war", I would like to ask, can Tao Tao live three years again,


, if you think I want black honey, then you’re wrong. In China’s electricity supplier market, for entrepreneurial enterprises, there are only two outcomes: either scenery, or die. Three years later, honey Amoy is a living proof that rule the case: either listed or die. So, I’m not trying to smear honey, but I point out another possibility after three years.