just entered high school, a high school is quite busy, almost a few months did not come to see A5, today because of my physical discomfort, did not go to school, so idle idle came to the A5, we looked at the heart feeling more and more, at the following. To the point.

the first winter,

I love to

and website may be different from most of the webmaster, 2 years ago, in my early 2, due to repeated irritability of the game, so I wanted to open his own several anime, games website or forum to make friends, students can visit, remember when I use it or others three the domain name, others website building program, at that time did not understand the spatial database, and SEO, simply Gaga content, let friends and classmates to see. So, to build on the original resources on the site soon others began to annoy me, soon gave up.

second winters,

soon, I have to do alone the idea, then begin to understand the independent domain name, space, use and processing, database and other details of the time, bought dozens of blocks of space and a 1 yuan CN meters, the first site I also started that way, remember in a website is. Station, even the statistical code do not know to be added, so a set of hao123 source code, modify the first station, its so complete. After a few weeks, I found that the site seemed to be the only one I was using, so I chose to quit.

third winters,

give up the web site, I chose to do a forum, because at that time also just contact the website, so it used Dvbbs network upload directly to build a forum, fortunately, I learned in the Forum promotion, some interesting content, then go to Post Bar and, the major forum for publicity, promotion, post is very conservative set of reply can watch, can be repeated every day, traffic is only a few hundred, not to mention profitable mode, soon, the first forum I also give up.

fourth winters,

always do not go up, so I think the investment domain, I first set eyes on fire LA meters, so I registered a two letter word (now even three bits are not sold), because, do not want to say what is the word rice. When I bought this meter in many webmaster forums are issued for sale, such as A5, CHINAZ are outdated, almost everywhere, to ask the price of the lot, there are a few willing to buy with four digits, but need time, one of them said to 700 months, because I senior high school entrance examination before the meeting at that time, I don’t want to worry about the network in the past few months, as eager to sell their old and small, and is the first to sell rice, not what experience, so to sell, sell in the process of the seller is very troublesome, it is something. A few days after the sale, this >