is a rookie in the station, set up a blog before, the author also established DZ PW, BBS dedecms, PHP168 community station, CMS station! But because the understanding of the site is not enough, and I have often built station, no more updates. Indeed, many have just entered the station, the initial station, in the face of domain names, space, procedures, that is, the site for the first time filling the content of the page. Hey, I before, and I asked some of the same period into the circle of friends! They are all said early site, the content is a first threshold! Here, I also is a person, after a bumpy road, and explore some of the doorway and hope white can give some inspiration to


step 1:

no matter what program you use, first make sure your website is what to do with my rice! The fox said "" literally is the most suitable webmaster! So, I make sure I do this meter is webmaster class! Webmaster, you are to do webmaster information class, or to do optimization, webmaster Trading…… etc., in a large project, subdivision or that you want to grasp the main direction of the most you can do! Ps: I say this is to say, a fist hit a point, than to play a local dispersion strong! First based on a point, stand firm, and then the other divergent! [

] is very important!

second step:

find your target! Not original, SLR personal webmaster, early in the site, the original to write, but the short term is not very likely that a certain number of original integrated! You want to go to find relevant content to target


third step:

collector, what is a collector: used to collect pages, forums and other content, directly to the database or published to the network of an information tool. You can automatically collect the original web pages according to the rules set by the user, obtain the content required in the format of the page, and now develop the tools that can be used to process the data. [brief introduction: small white asked Baidu]

The current collector

webmaster circles are popular madman locomotive collector, collector, collector three of us are walking together! Generally speaking, mad men and the three of us are walking together their function is almost dead! Time to study the next tutorial, entry will not be great! Locomotive function is very powerful, need a lot of effort to study. But the locomotive is a main tool of the late


fourth step:

data release, the acquisition of data, if not the time, the proposal is manual editing, but need to say is that many people like the so-called software system camouflage original function. This is the need for garbage sites, and early on, you need to be more sophisticated and accurate, as well