‘s previous report, "LBS Breakout: from WeChat to micro-blog," discussed the impact of WeChat and micro-blog on the moribund LBS. LBS the past two years has experienced Rainbow Night test, in 2010, Foursquare and other foreign LBS website demonstration, Chinese a time the emergence of LBS companies up to thirty, in the second half of 2011, LBS industry users accumulation difficult, user stickiness is not high, the old model of website, profit model is not clear and begin to appear in 2012, LBS began to collective transformation.

, a new version of the street network, has been weakened by the new version, and the new search feature has been launched, the investor reported. According to reports, the exploration function, that is, based on geographical information, recommend to the user living near the service consumer sites. Staff on the street told the investor newspaper, "the street is actually a O2O application."". This situation also occurred in another LBS sign in software, NetEase eight party. Netease Bafang is still in operation, but the team has to be focusing on another comments and recommendations on software NetEase meal catering businesses. A market development of the software division of the NetEase have told reporters that the two software is now a team doing, but you really want to some high priority.

"now, LBS geographic services have become the basic functions of mobile Internet. Many APP have their own functions such as signing in. At this stage, they may not be able to meet the needs of users."." Liu Dawei, CEO, near the street, described the reasons for the changes in the investor’s paper. On the other hand, compared with Tencent, WeChat and other giants, the number of users who sign in sites is still very small. The side of the street at present about 5 million users, NetEase meal users launched in April this year, only more than 1 million.

LBS seems to have reached a consensus that the transition will become a LBS based O2O tool rather than just LBS. As @ Yan good Analysys commented: in 2011 three major "poor" attendance patterns (depth attendance, attendance, social business location picture community sign) today, basically are yellow, the depth of the POI information O2O model transformation polymerization mobile phone coupons, offline, "touch the money" is Wang Daoya.

coupon seems to be the most easily touch "shortcut", do the same? But the tiger sniffing reported earlier, Ctrip vice president of technology Jiang Hao said, "the Tencent first defeat, will be the business process is simple, the most simple business model of the company, for example, such as coupons of operational capacity, line do not ask the company quickly seize Tencent". In fact, this is the pudding coupons encountered trouble: "coupon market competition threshold is low, the homogenization of serious, market businesses limited budget grabs line in a pool, see the ceiling. If you just focus on coupons, >