personal websites or blogs are websites or blogs that emphasize personal focus or personal development. Each circle has its own hidden rules, here a few personal websites to develop some of the unspoken rules for reference.

1, domain name is bought abroad, the host buys

inside the country

foreign domain name purchase, the price is very cheap, many functions, but also management specifications. Domestic buy host, because usually domestic host speed faster.

2, dual backup program, offsite installation of two systems,

virtual host in China to develop, to long-term stability, need to buy two different hosts in two provinces, a master, a spare, because domestic policies are always unpredictable, so keep a backup host, can deal with a crisis in the shortest period of time. Ensure the incident caused by their website cannot be accessed.

3, telecom public security on both sides of the service, keep in touch, not interrupted,

Telecom and public security departments are the two Internet management department, to keep in touch and two aspects, which can be found in "management", in order to avoid the direct pull cable, of course, I find that they can find people also began to direct cable pulling now a few days ago.

4, foreign host final program, independent IP must

trouble, do not want to deal with these sectors, so the use of the host is the final solution, according to my tests, from domestic access, the server of Hongkong faster, the United States also soon. Pay attention when renting a foreign host, it is best to use a fixed independent IP address, only to bind their own web site, so as not to cause trouble to other sites, implicated in their own web site.

more exciting, looking forward to your arrival: ^_^