soft text, is one of the important means of Internet promotion. The form of expression can be explained by "Wen" and "soft". "Wen" is what we usually read the newspaper, read the news articles. The performance of "Wen" mainly includes such forms as emotion, narrative, documentary, news and so on. Of course, the role of each form is not explained here. Next comes "soft"". The day before yesterday, when I was training for a cosmetics company, I emphasized the important work of editing. Then, the highest level of editing is marketing. Soft Wen, our purpose should be clear, that is advertising. Therefore, the "soft" to the appropriate, through the soft text reading spread, so as to achieve our initial marketing purposes.

understand the soft basic things, we come to understand the soft article in the end what are the important role:

one: for web site SEO: the construction of the chain

SEO site can not be ignored in the middle of a large chunk of the construction of the chain, the construction of the chain requires diversity, pertinence, importance. Diversity is the same industry, different websites outside the chain. Targeted, is the same industry Web site. Importance is a web site that is friendly to search engines. Therefore, in doing the chain at the same time, we have gradually neglected the previous everywhere leave signature, leave the comment way. More ideas, several in the soft Wen writing.

a high-quality soft Wen, as long as the choice of good site release, reproduced at amazing speed. Less than 1 minutes after the A5 review, has been reprinted by many industry famous websites. Therefore, when we carefully share an original article at the same time, leaving the copyright information, more than one site reprinted, the chain effect can be imagined.

two: for corporate image: brand communication

we write the soft text, the purpose is to tell someone about our relevant information, in order to expand our popularity. We take the hospital as an example, the hospital to do soft Wen, need to let the Internet users or patients know, the name of the hospital, address, technology, experts, environment, honor, hospital culture, promotional activities and other information. Therefore, in the soft writing, we want to clear know, this soft Wen exactly what to say, is not very clear exposition of the article’s central idea. At the same time, we need to consider whether the reader would like to share it or remember it when it tells our readers.

therefore, in writing soft Wen, our theme should be clear, all aspects of foil, bedding need to consider in place. In order to play the role of soft wen.

three: for enterprise products and services: information penetration

then comes to the point. Mainly for our products, services. Now the Internet is flooded with soft text for products and services. The soft, let the reader too busy to attend to all of every hue. Its main purpose is to fully penetrate the readers’ minds with products and services so as to achieve our marketing objectives