self-help Station with independent site, they let some people who do not build web site, through some very simple operation, you can easily build your own web site. Self help station because of the rapid construction, simple operation, low cost characteristics, favored by many small and medium enterprises.

traditional self-help Station Service is actually a simple template site, the owner of the enterprise to match the appropriate template, a short time to complete a web site construction tasks. However, the drawback is that the flexibility of the site is low, and enterprises need to sacrifice some personalized requirements, and simply and crudely put the requirements into the template.

with the progress of station building technology, many station building systems begin to pay attention to the individual requirements of enterprises, and pay attention to the functional development of site flexibility. For example, the free entry station market micro enterprises website platform, they launched a more flexible PC and mobile phone website editor, users are free to set up a website for each element, the real implementation of the station as the building blocks generally simple and fun. For the design ability of users, micro enterprises also provide hundreds of sets of site templates for users free of charge, the editing process, template application is no longer simple and brutal, but you can freely modify each element.

although self-help Station technology continues to update, but there are still some problems that enterprises need to pay attention to in the process of website operation and optimization. In order to give you a more intuitive understanding of these content, here is still a micro enterprise platform for example.

(1) website title does not change frequently

micro point of self-help site platform, to provide users with links to optimize the site, such as web site title, keyword description. But many use the self-help site novice, in setting up the website optimization information process, think through constantly changing web site title and keywords to make web keywords in search engines have a better ranking. But this will lead to a bad result, may be included in the web site before the page will no longer be included. Therefore, in the process of building a website, users should do their homework in advance. After the website title and key words are determined, as little change as possible.

(2) website template, do not change


many novice users site, because in the early days did not better grasp the style of your website, to a period of time change website template, to meet the theme change. Although the micro enterprises to provide users with hundreds of sets of free templates, replacement template is also very simple, but after the completion of the user site, should reduce the practice of changing templates. Because of the frequent replacement of website templates, search engine will think that your site is not stable, and will not be included, this is tantamount to death.


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(3) the content of the website not to extract

some of the newcomers are doing a lot of direct content on the web in order to make web content quickly enriched