recently in the process of work, met some customers, coupled with their long standing experience, suddenly there is a feeling, this feeling is that the network: existence is value.

for a web site, in fact, each website has its value and meaning of existence, whether it is normal station, personal station, hobby, garbage station, are the same, they all have a common place, there is a purpose, normal station personal station has its own business love is, page, should be reflected to the network of friends, in fact, and personal station garbage station, station is also a regular almost profitable way to do, in fact, has its purpose, what are not.

SEO in my opinion, we can also see it, recently rarely write SEO information and articles, do not want to write, but do not know what to write, do not want to release some of the garbage to the network, making the kind of soft, without any meaning, the people of earth know what I don’t want to say. It may be that the thought has reached a high level, so I don’t know what to write.

personally think that now personal webmaster marketing strategy is a fast track, in most time, less cost, obtain the maximum return, so the Internet appeared in many, the rapid establishment of system, make their own keywords, which is not a price, actually think carefully, they took the station system you make a lot of money, but why let everybody into this cup g together with him, this is what I always do not understand the analysis, if a system can really do so high flow and high income, their monopoly, than allocated to other users and share much better, this is explains the Duan Pingkuai line. Also for one more business, one more market, make more money.

I made a personal website story in 2000,

in 2000, is a personal love playing CS CS, in place and friends set up a team, and then began to make Benxi CS alliance, the alliance, operation time is not to a month, let me into a Liaoning CS alliance, because many Liaoning area game player gathered, so I changed the Liaoning CS Alliance, and a month, and I changed the NCA northeast CS alliance, until later changed to NCA, I kept soaring popularity of the website, simply had to depend on is not popular keywords to bring me any traffic, but the service provided by the site, and I had the convenient conditions I have 5 CS servers, so I also formed a network of the CS163 clan clan, at that time my site involves a very wide, does not rely on any SEO, then do not understand, in fact, a good The website or the content and the operation of the site, then held several times in Northeast China CS alliance network contest, in this year, great popularity, forum posts are light players every day not less than 100, and the level of distribution system are not reasonable, >