once a webmaster friend said, he has a dream that can not be called "dream", the reason is that can not be called "dream" dream, he said because it is unlikely to achieve, basically hope. In fact, his dream, I think many webmaster will look forward to. That is to let their website have QQ, MSN these popular IM software as many users and popularity. QQ needless to say, Ma Huateng created a myth of the Internet, so that almost all Chinese Internet users with one or more QQ number. No one has, at least, been able to shake the dominance of QQ’s instant messenger software. And MSN, although localization is not very good, the market positioning is not clear, but with Microsoft operating system share and white-collar users viscosity, still has 15 million large users in the country. To say to the two IM and the number of users of instant messaging software to match the site, really is not much, QQ, it is almost impossible, the four major portals, Tianya, happy net daily traffic may not add up to the number of QQ users are not high, more than MSN but many well-known sites have done. But for grassroots webmaster, for small and medium-sized Web site is really impossible, but can have such a dream, that webmaster friend is still very energetic, perhaps in the future, people really can do.

will instant messaging software, represented by QQ, create web myths second times? Some will say yes, and some will say no.. That will not say, now some of the emerging IM software such as relying on Alibaba and Taobao and Ali Wangwang Mobile launched Fetion, although the name of QQ and MSN to go beyond the slogan, but because of some limitations it is lack of confidence. Said people will say, Web2.0 era, is more interactive and more entertainment of the Internet era, SNS hot illustrates this point, forty million of the users although there is moisture, but it is definitely not blowing. Beyond the QQ network myth, the responsibility must be borne by the sns web site.

the author believes that these two views have some truth, because from different perspectives, there are merits, but also one-sided theory. In fact, represented by QQ IM and im happy to network as the representative of the SNS website, there are many similarities, the first is not a single large, Im on QQ, MSN, Fetion, and SNS there are prosperous, happy net, renren.com SNS website, 51. Secondly, they are taking the relationship between people to make an article, how to close the virtual world, the relationship between people, Im and SNS is always thinking about the problem. In the process of constantly exploring the core problem, it is bound to collide. QQ faces the rising number of users of happy networks, and it can no longer be limited to im instant messaging, which is already very mature. The introduction of the SNS model is imperative, from the impressions of QQ2009’s friends, to the SNS components of QQ space, and to the continuing websites of QQ alumni. This is a series of measures taken by QQ to consolidate its dominance. And SNS’s overlord runs