Hello everyone, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ), participated in the "King ADMIN5" organized by the novice Adsense training lecture (four) website advertising alliance information. The text of the training lecture is as follows:

introduce myself. My name is Hadron

here, combined with years of webmaster experience, and we talk about website advertising and League information,

is not necessarily correct 100%, welcome all webmaster supplement

site types are different, it is necessary to launch different types of advertising, so as to maximize the advantages of web resources, access to better benefits

personal website according to classification, mainly classified as industry station, resource information station and entertainment station

entertainment sites generally make money through alliances,

and industry stations, business stations, game stations, dating stations, etc., mainly through the absorption of members to make money,

now about 80% of the webmaster, mainly in the entertainment station, this piece of

I’ll focus on the entertainment,

literature novel station

1, monthly advertising, ha ha, now relatively small monthly, but there are still

as long as your traffic is good (day IP more than ten thousand), advertisers will usually take the initiative to find

to do their monthly advertising

, for example, now the "war of resistance" game advertisers through some of the League platform has been looking for Adsense to do monthly advertising

2, first video ad

is down now, and the data is obviously not as good as before,

and there are too many public service ads,

, but the webmaster can do it,

and public service ads, they don’t pay,

and many friends say,

how bad results, data and web traffic worse than

I suggest putting the ads in the article reading page,

readers have read the content, and the ads are finished,

ads are full and they’re money.

The disadvantage of the

alliance is that they generally require ICP to record the certificate of

if you want to do their alliance, it is recommended to do a good job of filing

3 Dangdang League

literature station is more appropriate, recommend readers to buy novels, their commission is still good

4 Baidu theme promotion

if your account has passed the Baidu theme, it is recommended that you focus on promotion, but they are more rigorous audit, the general web site is not passed.

5 GG ad

estimates the station of the earth man