keyword how to distribute in the web page reasonable, I recently made a new site, I think we should do the following: Please add and exhibitions.

1. on a page of keywords is not too much, generally 3 is the best keywords have 2 to 4 words, words my weight loss website used by many, it is some high-frequency words (in the trial), the content of the site to around this keyword, keyword density is very important, the density control in 2%-8% is the best, but this is not a fixed standard, natural good! If you really have a lot of keywords to do, can put these words to the inside pages and other scattered on this page in the appropriate page optimization, put all those important keywords, or difficult words.

2, page code Title, title is the title of the web page, indicating the main content of the site, like the topic of the composition, search engines determine the content of a web site is started here. Followed by the META tags (keyword keywords and Description Description). Keywords inside can increase some long tail words and phrases, but not too dense, 3 to 5 can, and now the search engine has not so much attention to this. The description also requires brevity, a general overview of the content of the site, and the requirement for the target keyword.


3, the website is the content, is the need to pay attention to, and the text must be appropriate keywords, and " on ", according to people; reading order to arrange keywords, generally follow from top to bottom, the order from left to right. "The top and bottom are required keywords, this is called" tail echo.

4, hyperlink, or anchor connection.

in addition to site maps, navigation links and so on, we should also deliberately increase the number of links, and these links to include keywords, or long tail keywords.

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