may many people experienced a lot, just tired, the heart is tired, just want to give up; in fact, webmaster friends don’t give up, as long as we believe you must live out their own thing, believe that your life will be more exciting.

take the original article, the most important thing is to practice more. At first, you may not get used to it. It’s not as difficult as you think. Don’t tie yourself up inside. It’s best to write when you’re good at something. There will be a stream of material for you to write. Can chat, can also have a lot of nonsense to write, really not what time to go to see friends, take a look at how people are writing, why not go to see the master is how to write the article? Because the master is not a simple article, but soft. Everything is too standard, you no, not their own style, even if you write again good will at last give people a shadow of a crown, I don’t think anyone alive love someone else’s shadow?

does not seek novelty, but has its own fan. Then, insist on, insist that you write things from very bad, modified to see in the past, and then to see people, and then see people, and finally is seeking attention, comments. Can’t write? The writing is not good, cloud like thing, don’t care. If you dare to write, someone will dare to read it. Of course, when you are finished, then let your friends see you together, and you will be very impressed. Think of what to write, what to do with sex, not to study what kind of article, how to write, that will only make you more tired, and then no, and then.

As for how to write

, this really can not say with you, or that think what to write, when you open the TXT to record, think of when you record it, then you find the most active thinking that a period of time, to modify the link, into one can see at least, to see their own comfortable, otherwise how to see? But not too narcissistic, I began to go this route, not so much to let everyone think things. Follow your own heart and, in fact, write your own insights and understanding. You can take it for reference, and you can look at it. For example, the best way I can do that is to start with the overall framework, and then write out the thoughts of that day or that, simply and easily, and finally add a little bit of meat, and get dressed. Cold weather, you can wear more, or else the cold is not beautiful. Hot weather can wear less, or the prickly heat. In winter, wearing long johns to get rich. This morning to go out when there is tangled in the end wear good or not wearing long johns, eventually lost to the weather?. Recently, the temperature dropped, that cold ah, comrades, pay attention to keep warm ah, the body is the revolutionary capital. Just go to bed early, get up early, the body is really important! More exercise, we are mortals don’t think of internal change outside, or the real point let external Joseph have strong heart, may.

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