we have been warned that different stages of life have different things to do, and different age groups must have different priorities. For example, when I was a teenager, you must study hard, reading is the most important thing; twenties, you may start to work, career is the most important thing, and then get married; thirties to consolidate their career and family, continue to work hard in his forties…… Each stage has different priorities.

life is thinking, so is online entrepreneurship. Each individual website has to go through several necessary stages, such as website construction, early promotion, medium term consolidation, development period, peak stage, continuing to maintain or popularity decline…… These are several major stages of web development. Of course, there are different ways in different periods, and should be adjusted according to specific circumstances. There are different stages of the development of the Internet, in 90s is the initial stage of development, this time to enter the Internet opportunity is everywhere; in early 2000, is a high-speed development stage, this time to have a good chance; after 2008, the development of the Internet began to standardize, the state compulsory means also extends to the Internet, the network environment began to adjust, personal do stand more difficult, but I believe the future of the network may be more standardized.

for the different stages of life, because of the predictable, so when each stage comes, we can adjust ourselves, in order to better meet the state. However, due to the lack of anticipation and reference model, we are at a loss as to the current network renovation. Because I do not know when the network renovation will continue, whether it will be carried out in a more severe manner, whether to continue the "one size fits all" crackdown, whether there are devastating tough means?…… Can not predict, so some confused. Perhaps for the power sector, this is a necessary time for the development of the necessary means of the Internet, reform is inevitable, but we have encountered this group. We don’t know what to do, but it doesn’t stop things from developing.

when the website develops to a certain stage or meets a bottleneck, or because the external factors change, you must adjust yourself. For example, A5 forum bbs.admin5.com, due to the pressure of the national network remediation, canceled all members of the individual signature, resulting in many users are not satisfied, the popularity of the forum declined, members lost. This is the development of a certain stage, not the king can decide, and can not be related to the policy of positive confrontation, only to change themselves, in a certain direction of pressure is smaller, in that direction. This change could lead to two results, a loss of users, a decline in popularity, or a successful transformation that continues to develop. Different stages of the different pressures, depending on how you adjust, successful transition, you can continue to develop; transition failure, may be devastated. This is the law of things.

a lot of websites have such experience, when the popularity of the website is developed, still do not have profit however. Doing website is not only a result of interest, but more importantly, there is income, profits in order to allow the site to continue to develop. This is the web site >