‘s recent uproar with Google is about to move out of the Chinese market, where the owners are concerned about how the site can profit after Google’s exit. All the week, profiting by advertising, only advertising alliance and enterprise direct selection of advertising, but for small business owners, direct investment is almost impossible. Therefore, the domestic general Adsense relies on the advertising alliance profit. However, Google’s exit has brought a heavy blow to the webmaster, for domestic webmaster, the domestic advertising alliance reputation, price, low quality is a common phenomenon, most owners are relying on Google union advertising and the survival of a Google exit, the webmaster what profit? Here, I talk about my choice advertising alliance experience.

first, choose the brand effect. Domestic advertising alliance, although compared to Google, still a big difference, but some old brand alliances (such as propaganda, easy, big league), but also support the big flow. Must not be attracted by some of the high price unit, the unit price is high, followed by the amount of deduction is extremely serious, comprehensive lower than the actual price is also black.

two has reached a monthly agreement with some developing countries. For some in the development of the alliance, due to urgent need of the amount of monthly, can be reached with these alliance agreement, this method in the profit model in the proportion is quite high, if we can reach this agreement, stationmaster income will be considerable.

three, many contrast, view its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a good advertising alliance is not a matter of day. Spend more time comparing the gaps in each alliance, choosing the right ones and eliminating the bad ones.

four, good at finding alliances and looking for them for a long time. As everyone knows, advertising the survival time there is always a limit, saying " calamity, died of happiness, " find alliance cannot stagnate in stability, to be unremittingly looking down, there is no best, only better. The discovery of alliances is a process of finding alliances in many ways, such as webmaster forums, advertising alliances, navigation stations, and so forth.

to sum up, choosing an advertising alliance is a process, not a day. If you want to get better income, you need to find out. When you walk out of the sky of Google, you will find there are more business opportunities.

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