has so many public numbers that they can’t describe them as "small and beautiful".

has not yet close contact and capital, not massive advertising, the audience is not wide, but with the founder’s full of passion and interest in pursuing a pastoral work, own in the vertical and breakdown of the field, although not to the mature harvest season, in painstaking efforts, this piece of land is also self thriving, growth exciting.

as an industry observer, the new list more talking head, chat, hundreds of millions of millions of financing, advertising, one hundred thousand reading, really attract attention, the focus of attention has also fallen in the bright and shining star size. However, the content of the construction of the ecology above WeChat is wonderful. It lies in its richness. In those inconspicuous places, there are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs carrying out their dreams and tireless insistence.

The new

list is also committed to continue to explore this kind of precision farming in the vertical segments, both small and beautiful qualities of the public, and those entrepreneurs in insist, talk about belonging to them behind the growth story.


focus on 3 minutes IT video

daily average since June rose powder 4000

dark horse "commune" focus on the field of video technology, every day to push the original 3 minute IT video, released about the computer, mobile phone, App and other small Raiders and use of skills, in the part of its world, whether the public number or its operator, has a loyal and surrounded, but for the public that seems very strange.


is currently the new list index is about 700, usually buried in the long list of "science and technology" list, half a year ago only more than 10 thousand fans, if only to burst the evaluation standard, it even can’t pass line, because the establishment has not yet launched a 10w+. The reason to attract our attention, it is in the original IT short video on the persistent growth gradually revealed, in small volume under the premise, since June to maintain about 4000 daily pink rose momentum, the current number of fans has been successfully break 420 thousand.



background in August rose powder

after the new list of mining, the "dark horse commune" currently reading an original video article of the highest number of tips is deep hidden at the beginning of September 6 WeChat push ", most people do not know | dark horse in three minutes", in fact, the video content is very simple, but for those white users, IT technology this is a small video of both convenience and practicality.

collects feedback from fans, looks for solutions, and then writes notes, recording and editing them. This short video of minutes takes 5 hours.

"WeChat skills are just needed, but a lot of small tricks are great."