looked at "small station is the most money and most profitable groups can" feel a lot ah, come to reflect on their own, then why not drop? So, I decided to give up, do these return free website, after all station ziyuzile time has passed.

, the author of the Yulin blog says well, any type of website is hundreds. Can there be hundreds of ideas? People copy each other, the content of homogenization is serious, and the result is that the Internet users feel the same. Individual owners in such an environment, it is by traffic, rely on advertising alliance, I always feel is It is all up with. Unreliable.

in such a big environment, if you want to invest in the Internet, and you do not have enough investment, the possibility of return is too low. So, I recently in the hands of the domain name nokiasclub.com.cn to sell, although I was reluctant to invest, but at the time of their lack of money every day, only depend on oneself to update, to promote, this station is not up to do. If you don’t see the reward, you will lose the passion of a person.

in that case, why don’t you plan to be at ease? Do your job well, hold your own money, and wait for your chance!


thankfully, my domain name got a nice return, and when.Com.cn was registered, it was an ocean, and the site was free of charge, without spending money. Only a lot of time wasted to update and promote. Others basically do not make money from the advertising alliance, to help these associations free advertising for more than half a year.

so I looked at the "small station is the most money and most do not make money after the group" decided to transfer all his other domain name, domain name registration will be hoping to take back the money, I also learned that the author, in his spare time to update the blog what, in the ADMIN5 hair tofu and we exchange.

do grassroots webmaster, temporarily I still stay away from her,


China’s 100 bit Internet CEO panorama survey http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20080921/105173.shtml

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