had a run in period, familiar with the website operation, have begun to get rid of free space, and with a stable space charge! Is resolutely not free space and I want you to have deep experience, free space limit, not stable, has a certain risk, there are a lot of potential security risks! Can seal your space at any time, if you forget a backup that would really have to sigh! So I generally recommend new Adsense in familiar with the site of the operation to transfer the data to a stable space charge

!But the face of

IDC service providers how do we start a superb collection of beautiful things,? This is my topic today! We are going to analyze! First we need to know how much their reserves is, how much money can be put into the construction site! There is a distribution of a very detailed, such as what the money is used to buy space. What to buy the domain name, which used for advertising and so on! This must be planned well! If you buy space sufficient funds in 500 yuan, you can to IDC service providers WD nets, etc. some of the big buy! Spatial stability, their safety, customer service service is first class if you! The funds between 300-500, can go to some secondary service providers, such as Baxter like! If your money is below 300, even between 100-200, 100 or less, so choose IDC It’s difficult,

is not difficult to say this kind of price do not buy, but we are worried about the quality of cheap space! Like the data before Jinling 1G as long as 88 yuan, looks very temptation, but his quality is not good, access problems, unstable! This kind of space will open a normal host when you try, they will buy your data transfer to low configuration host, even blocked to other hosts to save bandwidth at a time! Get the host is really the most frustrating thing most afraid of new Adsense! Because customer service service time is equal to no! They don’t ignore you as long as the money in his pocket! No matter you life! So we should try to avoid these unscrupulous business server


then how should we choose to avoid this kind of space! We can’t covet cheap! The cheap space 200M acceptance is probably between 70-100, 100M is probably between 50-80! This range IDC businesses can earn! If you see some 1G or 2G sell space below 100, we you have to be careful! I do not recommend to buy them a penny!


then when we select the price moderate space, we can go to Baidu or Google search on the IDC reputation! Some bad IDC online service providers will be a lot of people shouting! If the search to the good or no one complains, can we further consider the


finally, we have to test the space advance, and you can upload some files (some I>