remember the first two days we were discussing how to improve website traffic in the group. I sort it out and hope to have some inspiration for friends who are looking for ways to improve their website traffic.

one, search engine login, landing each big search engine and classification directory.

two, the site for proper SEO optimization, but also to take into account the user experience. SEO tools are available everywhere. Just call them directly.

three, the site updated every day, the best original, and valuable to the user. In this way, search engines like, users also high rate of return.

four, advertising exchange company, advertising company is also a way to increase the flow. Advertising online, a lot of

five, do some good friendship connection. Paste it, BBS post.

six, Baidu know their own questions, change their name to answer. This is the use of search engine hot search, and Baidu for Baidu space and Baidu know the preferences to make traffic.

seven: spend money on advertising! That’s not to say, money is easy, but you have to consider the economy,


blog: there are a lot of free blog application, you don’t go for a few, send some good articles on it (the best popular, attractive), don’t do pure advertising, do his own site connection can be


nine, CSDN forum has a friend mentioned fanchon effect! Do not discuss the fanchon is new, but, you of the articles submitted to summaries of profiles, the effect is very good!

ten, all star blog, subscribe, a message is then set to instant that is as long as these stars have a blog is updated, we know it immediately notice, and then we’ll go to the back, is certainly the first name. This is a way of thinking, and some sites may not be suitable, you can draw inferences from others.

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articles from reprint, please keep