SNS is like an outbreak of flood, flooding everywhere, flooding on the flood, but at least to slim, go out to look good, if everyone is bloated, fat, then the spread of the results can only make you sick. The beginning of the 05 year to some of the so-called network, now called SNS website, as of now, Chu Linkist, if the neighbor, sky, you and me, the Philippines, caused by the name card, then later in school and at home, as well as the latest ant network, network, network, and happy together I show my building, etc.. Stroll around a big circle, give me a feeling is that SNS cumbersome, fat and bloated. It’s not good at all.

SNS is bloated, unattractive, and more reluctant to use. I dare say that there are so many SNS websites that have been used, the real function of which is estimated to be less than 20%. The other 80% features are virtual, but they don’t rule out the use of other members.

recently a friend asked me to help him analyze their company’s Web site SNS, is the second version, I registered after use, give me a feeling like a tedious, bloated, natural action is not convenient, if can reduce weight, the site will be faster development speed estimation. Everyone can also go to see, the website name is "my family"".

cumbersome, bloated, is China’s SNS site common problems, network predecessors are educating us, the development of the site is the first subtraction, and then add. We Chinese plagiarism FACEBOOK really home, even the function of each process and page design style are copied as a decent touch. While FACEBOOK is not one or two days developed, but one or two years of accumulated experience developed, now look like FACEBOOK, very perfect, all aspects of the function, such as circle, photo album, MINI blog, but the original FACEBOOK function must not so perfect, if one has launched FACEBOOK now the perfect function, estimation of FACEBOOK until now has not developed.

why China SNS website is not the first weight loss, but the first bloated promotion? As obese people, obese people movement is very simple, not flexible, bloated SNS website actually and obese people, if now launched a handy SNS website, maybe I love, just like the mini blog as the hot, simple is good.

My friend asked me to return to

analysis, I show the SNS website, registered after use, function framework is very powerful, natural to write a program to error prone, and column planning is also great, including "family tree, notebook, album, experience, consultation, community, each column can separate out do a website. At the same time, "experience and consultation" has some repetition. In the early stage, when there were not many teams, it would cost a lot of money to maintain such a huge website. And it’s not always good to maintain, so it’s easy to ignore other channels when you take a channel