free advertising systems are diverse. What do they have in common? What system design is reasonable,


after the summary of advertising system design "advertising oriented technology", the author continued in-depth research on advertising system design rights management design and structure design, and the end of two from the end and advertising website in detail.

Privilege management design of

advertising system

advertising system design, in addition to the use of advertising directional technology, as well as advertising process design, the most complex is the design of rights management. Different from other industries, the daily business of advertising or media companies is more complex, from the functions, including sales, customer service, customer implementation, creative design, strategy planning, media planning and media execution, contract management, financial audit etc.. In terms of position, it also includes the management of subordinate relations and the relationship between being managed. In addition, consider from the sales staff’s personal interests, customer information in the sales personnel should be cut off, but the company’s interests, customer information and sales staff must be flowing in between, can be assigned to the appropriate sales staff.

therefore, the design of the privileges of advertising systems is very complicated and very difficult to do. If you don’t think about it, it will be a nightmare after the delivery of the advertising system. Here is a simple but can adapt to changing needs of rights management design.

1, classification of permissions

classifies and classifies the rights of advertisement system. We divide permissions into two kinds: resource, authority and operation authority. Resource rights refer to customer information, that is, customer resources. Operation authority, that is, the additions and deletions in the advertising system (see the basic functions that do not need to be selected), the permissions of the three functional operations.

2, allocation of permissions

For the

resource limit, namely the customer resources, we assigned for each customer level, the object of resource assigning permissions for the system in the sales account (as sales staff, can also be a sales manager or sales director), then to allocation of team resources or department resources through subordinate relationship management. For the operation authority management, we pass the design of the permission group to complete, and the permission group includes the additions and deletions of each element.

3, the realization of authority management

in a system, permissions are assigned to three modules or operations through accounts, permissions groups, and clients. Each account created by the system is associated with a permission group so that the account can be operated in the system. At the same time, when you create an account, you need to specify its superior (the higher level is a certain account, the necessary option), and you need to select its subordinate permissions group (not necessary), which determines the relationship between the upper and lower levels. Then in client resources >