this paper is based on a speech of graph king of finishing, the graph king is not talking about how to make money, but at the grassroots point of view to talk about the Internet to talk about the site, from the grassroots to the future, a very thorough analysis, the site is divided into five periods. Personal feelings, and now sorted out for everyone to appreciate.

the first period, that is, the so-called site test period, 97 to 98 years, the two or three years, personal website is very small, if at this time to do a web site, do tens of thousands of IP is very easy thing. But at that time the webmaster is too little, the webmaster this industry is not too mature. Also hindered the rapid pace of development of the industry. Gao Chunhui of the world network is the representative of this period. There are Chinese army, download station, navigation and so on. It’s all time for me to stand up.

second times, personal website began, this time, the Internet or local information port, the government also has some well-known big company website, Baidu has not appeared. At this time, Li Xingping’s hao123 was a delegate, when hao123 was a simple one, not on a simple single page, and then Li Xingping was only eighteen, nine. In the Internet bar completed this initial good 123., at the same time, such as 163, such as some free space open, but also led to a part of the individual webmaster, but this period of the webmaster is still in a trial period. Not yet formally.

third periods, that is, from 2003 to 2004 these years. Is the beginning of Internet personal Wangzhuan, is also the most profitable period of grassroots webmaster. During this period, many millions of station owners had already arrived. But this time because this Wangzhuan industry has just started, mode is not mature, the most popular is the SMS alliance, as long as the input of a mobile phone, 10 – 15 to your hand. Imagine, if one day IP in more than 10000 of the light station by SMS alliance, have you earn, at this time also spawned a popular SP industry development, such as the air network, this is the personal website of the trial period.

fourth periods, is the personal website of the hot development period, all kinds of websites, all kinds of modes are operating and life, as long as you can think of the web site will be someone do it again. Money is no longer so good, the competition is obvious, such as a casual place, the light portal is not a few, not to mention what recruitment, matchmaking, and so on.

The fifth periods of

, is the site of the business period, and personal website development and the nature of ultimate ownership, the future and the essence of grassroots website on the Internet should be for an industry service platform, the site will eventually be thousands on thousands of services around to do around the business to do, for example, millions of Taobao eBay buyers. The original platform has been unable to meet them, will eventually set up their own website to serve an industry around this an industry to do, to provide their own service mode >