Chinese mainland Google exit event, far Huashangjuhao China, the search engine market is set off the tempestuous waves. Although Google is just out of the mainland, it still has a great impact on Google search. Many users reflect the use of often can not search, if not search sensitive words, Google search will appear stuck. Google out of the mainland market, Baidu suddenly less direct competitors, there is a "big one" suspects, Baidu algorithm has also made a major adjustment in the near future.

March 31st Baidu large number of K stations, many personal Adsense called "early delivery of April Fool’s Day gift", Baidu included results plummeted. In the A5 forum full page Baidu large-scale K station is about the topic, many web site collected from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, from thousands to tens, included some well-known large also dropped. A poll statistics how many sites are Baidu big dial hair "results show that the 161 ballot number, 148 people reflect a significant reduction in the number of sites included, there are many web sites even left home page. Baidu included in the adjustment of the action is very large, many rely on Baidu to flow site is hit.

Google has no exit, fair can rely on Google’s personal website search results appear in the search by location, now Google exit, Baidu censor search results, search results on top is to do some Baidu promotion of enterprise station, personal webmaster efforts to optimize website search engine did not get due recognition. The last day of March, Baidu large-scale reduction of personal website information collected, not for individual sites, but the vast majority of sites included reduced, so that many webmasters can not keep their heads. For the adjustment of Baidu, some say, is Google exit China, Baidu algorithm of large adjustment; some people think that is the relevant state departments issued a new policy for the record, forcing the search engine to make adjustments to the personal website; others think is Baidu database problem, can quickly restore…… Public opinions are divergent。

Chinese as the largest search engine, Baidu should be of great ingenuity. Technically, it should be perfect; in the service, we should pay attention to the user experience; in search function, we should provide fair and impartial results as much as possible. In these respects, Baidu did not do as well as Google, so that Google’s exit makes many Internet users feel sorry. Many people have analyzed Baidu’s market share today, mainly because of the "local" role, and a lot of advertising has been put in place, so that ordinary users remember Baidu. In some more rich network knowledge of Internet users view, Baidu is not the best choice, because it can not provide users need, as Google easy to use. The number of Internet users in China is becoming more and more intelligent. If Baidu does not change its service concept and provide users with more direct, more effective and more targeted search services, it may cause many Internet users to abandon it. Then the search engine Microsoft, Bing, Tencent, Sohu may also Sogou soso catch up from behind, and.