from today on, I won’t be in the management of the Mori community. Here, just to sum up the next year’s operating income, when the experience shared.

first: the operation of the forum must have the core theme, theme.

, I have been looking at "website operation 108" recently. There are many articles written in it which are very classic, and blogger is also a good website operator. I agree with a lot of ideas about community operations, especially the two classics. Forum operation is same as website operation, you must make sure your client group, demand direction first. Identify your customer base and know who your product will sell to. Forum operations, you have to identify your product groups, so you can do the following work.

this is what we often talk about the core, ideas, doing everything is the same. I have said before, we met many webmaster, today think to do picture stand good, I’ll do picture station, tomorrow think movie stand good, I’ll do movie station. Follow the trend phenomenon is prevalent in the industry. Therefore, we must remove these, seize the core idea. Do the movie station, why do the movie station, movie station operation thinking where is you? Are you going to the site how to engage in profitable future, through what way, products sold to all who need to find out who is your consumer groups, to understand the whole.

has done a good job of core ideas, the theme of the forum, what you want to do, and how the future of this forum is going to be profitable, I want to make sure that "time is the most valuable", I think everyone has heard of it.

second: Forum operations important content and membership interaction.

this point, and I have the same idea as the teacher above. Forum operations must grasp the content and members of two, and other can be put. Do anything, seize the core, seize the main contradiction. For example, we operate the "Sen" movement, has always been the cause of not outstanding. The forum is the core of the tutorial, we will seize the tutorial, all in tutorial, but we have not written tutorial, so it has been abandoned in, get on well, download something a little, no other. Engaged in more than a year, with the previous did not engage in time to say the same thing, white thoughts.


, I think the membership launched, inspire them to do the original tutorial, tutorial this one did not do well, always said that many have some reward, reward the host, some people may not need the host, can change something else. We must remember, you must also be diversified when you do awards, and now many old webmaster are inactive, how to mobilize these old webmaster up, send the classic tutorial is a very worthwhile thing to think about.

third: Forum operations, more discussions, more summary, remember a word.

I can’t bear that most people refer to me as a proxy and behind the backseat. From this year, I have met many practitioners in the IT industry