even in the global scope, it is difficult to have entrepreneurs called scholars reputation and not considered or have an ulterior motive of flattering fish for fame, Liang Jianzhang is probably very few exceptions. As an entrepreneur, he is one of China’s earliest and most successful Internet entrepreneur, he founded ctrip.com changed Chinese travel habits, after a series of acquisitions and investments in their largest local competitors where after sitting on nearly $20 billion market value; as a scholar, he was under the tutelage of the United States human resource economics authority Edward · Lazear (Edward Lazear); and Nobel laureate Gary · Becker (Gary Becker), and received a doctorate in economics from Stanford University, now a professor at the Peking University at Guanghua School of Management, China full liberalization of the second child, he is one of the most powerful advocate for.


‘s "power" is largely derived from his dual identity. Founded ctrip.com, let him interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, so he decided to seek out academic construction in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship; to solve the problem of innovation and entrepreneurship, guide he started to pay attention to the population problem China, and finally with the Peking University professor of sociology Li Jianxin co written "too much Chinese. A book?" (reprinted renamed "China can"), and other advisers together contributed to the full liberalization of the introduction of two-child policy.

"only when young people remain in a certain scale, in order to increase the probability of a new generation of leaders, at the same time in the whole society to create a more conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere, really form a" mass "and" peoples’ groups, which will become the largest economic competitiveness Chinese." The Communist Party of China in October 29, 2015 the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee announced the full liberalization of the second child, Liang Jianzhang wrote in the first time published a signed article.

another layer of context of this discussion, is currently China’s national leaders advocated by the public entrepreneurship, innovation". The famous writer Wu Xiaobo once the rise of entrepreneurs as the biggest Chinese nearly forty years of reform and opening of the event, on the one hand, through their own innovation and entrepreneurship, creating jobs, create social wealth; on the other hand, they serve as an independent social stratum, also began to express their demands and the social public concern. For policymakers, compared with the pan political slogan advocating innovation and entrepreneurship this thinking dimensions and academic argument, will undoubtedly make his voice more and more pertinent. To him, this is the reality of companies to achieve more sustainable growth, scholar and let him get detached from entrepreneurship perspective and research needs thinking framework and academic tools for these problems.

has earned a reputation for being an entrepreneur outside of the city because of his focus on population and innovation. >