with Google maps and Baidu map accuracy is more and more high, and if we can get some information on these services on the map that is not clear, but also convenient for people to find, although it is very simple, but if you want to put this idea into reality is not easy, because the more simple operation things often requires more careful, make every detail to consider, so that it can do and others do not, get out of the ordinary, so as to obtain the favor of users, if the simple service moved to the map, this website is not to be successful, let the author with you this paper introduces four methods of how to run a professional local life service website


1: accurate positioning,

for the website construction, identify the location is very important, in other words, as in the vast sea to the top navigation system you installed the most accurate positioning system, is a lot of energy when I do local service sites such as graphic, to analyze the market, and then find the blank the market, combined with the user’s operating habits, constantly optimize the website operation version, let you more easily find yourself in need of service, during the course, the pain is as can be imagined, so the first step is to identify the location, which is an important standard website can be profitable


two: merging with mainstream services

12580 now go out help telephone service has gained, although we know that the phone is very convenient, but there are still a lot of people want to know some local services through the Internet, so the Internet service is the most effective supplement 12580, so we should be positive and 12580 integration, so it can the 12580 strong local database, combined with the characteristics of itself, which can give users various service experience, while the 12580 can also use the network platform for the rapid occupation of the user, to obtain win-win! So the integration service system actively and mainstream

is very important!

three: indispensable field survey

said that although Baidu maps or Google map is very accurate, but with the continuous development of the local map, the system may not be able to get instant updates, so it is necessary for us to do the field survey, so that we can accurately grasp the first-hand accurate data, generally hold position system tools through the hands of the staff, and then run a street, a road, and then every useful store information by latitude and longitude accurately recorded, then input computer statistics into a local map, so that it can guarantee the user to use the most accurate map of the


four: promoting

website through careful preparation, finally made, of course, this is only the first step, the next step is to do site promotion work, combined with the characteristics of their own website, "