has been working on the design of print pies such as photos, books, desk calendars and so on. From product design to "I often think, graphic design and web design are, but the difference is so large, that is with the nature of the tiger and the cat as well, they all belong to the animal of the cat family, but not the same species, there is great difference.

now let’s analyze the differences between them as well as visual communication designs.

1. visual element

the use of graphic design and web design in color color mode is completely different, graphic design because the latter depends on the achievement of printing, so the use of CMYK color model, and "according to the imaging way to use RGB color mode. The plane design of the use of color visual impact and visual flow guide (similar to BANNER design at this point and in web design, and Web Design) (products) pay more attention to the information structure of the relationship between, if the use of color is too strong, it is easy to cause visual fatigue sense.

we are usually in the design process, the font of graphic design is more free, don’t worry about the late implementation issues, all of the text will be the last output for graphics printing and web design, we need to consider more comprehensive, and in the font selecting range is also very small, in order to make the finished product size no server output pressure, based on the characteristics of HTML, all fonts are based on user operating system within the default font and, of course, in recent years with the evolution and development of technology, the gap is gradually narrowing, can use current personalized font by HTML5 API which do not need to be personalized font for the final output graphics, without increasing the back pressure at the same time, greatly enhance the user experience, very good.

From the use of

graphics, graphic design and web design than the rich, diverse forms, especially for web design products, modular design is more obvious, so it is in the visual performance, the plane is not need to implement period after taking into account for the performance of graphics, on one thing the obvious to people. In terms of the unit of size used in our design, graphic design uses dimensioning concepts such as inches, centimeters, millimeters, etc., while the page uses pixels.

2. rendering


3. information carrier


4. browse mode

graphic design belongs to the progressive way of browsing, not on the whole process of diversification series browsing, web design, with the scroll bar drop-down button link jump and a variety of browsing information in a way, have the same.