needless to say, the user experience (UEO) for a website is very important, but some webmaster in the site SEO, often ignore the user experience, leading to the final SEO effect came out, the flow also increases, but is not stick flow, once the website ranking drop, flow will follow down, we all have this experience. The website that I manage now also ever is such, every day the flow is one-time. Later analysis of their website, found that many places need to be corrected in order to improve the user experience, so that the site’s life is very long. Here I will share with you what needs attention, in fact, is also very simple, the key is that you do not use your heart. Friends who do garbage stations do not have to watch.

one, website speed

don’t add a lot of big stuff to your web pages, such as FLASH, JS, etc.. This way, when you load a web page, it becomes very slow. If you need, you’d better call them as external files. Like the current mainstream CMS website, the program is better. You can use this to do a website. Developers basically take this factor into account, so we don’t have to worry about it. A site opens more than 5 seconds, traffic will lose 10%, in about 3 seconds is ideal. You can use some tools to test your website speed to improve it.

two, article layout,


when we learn WORD, you should know, but there are still many people do not reprint an article or write your own original content hastily published, did not check his statement is fluent, there is no wrong word, the piece of content is reasonable and so on. A website, especially for those sites that attract users by content, if there are a lot of articles that are poorly constructed, then your content is of higher quality and it is difficult for users to visit your website frequently. Here, you can learn about every article in CHINAZ.

three, website link


not only affects the effect of UEO SEO, more like my Wangzhuan station, classic article, in the middle of the contents of a large revision, there are a large number of links in the search engine, Baidu down the right, analysis of traffic statistics background (I use CNZZ) user retention rates are basically a visit. Losses, search engine and user were discarded, trimmed, now users back rate increased, but also need to work, you can use the GOOGLE administrator tool checks your site whether there is a lot of dead link.

four, content updates and maintenance

a dead station, users certainly do not like, search engines are the same, we all understand this point, so often updated website content is the least friendly to users. When the content is rich enough, you can rearrange some content according to the needs of the current user to make them a topic for a more humane service to you