23, there is news that Baidu is low-key testing commodity search service, users and e-commerce and commodity distance was pulled again. It is reported that the current commodity search only accept the invitation site data. At present, 17 sites have joined the Baidu commodity search, the service has been included in the commodity index page of nearly 3000, including 108361 commodity pages. Have joined in the site, including Jingdong mall, excellence, Dangdang, fun play network and many other Internet users familiar with e-commerce sites.

according to the relevant data show that 09 years online shopping transaction scale of 248 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 93.7%. It can be foreseen that in the next five years, the proportion of online shopping transactions will account for 5% of the total retail sales of consumer goods, and the contribution of online shopping to the traditional retail market will be increasing. At present, China’s Internet users has reached 4..25 billion, online shopping transaction growth with the development of the Internet and the synchronous acceleration, it should be said that the 425 million users each is the online shopping customers or potential customers, this is a huge market, as China market share most of the search engine, Baidu as China users the Internet entrance, so many domestic users will basically use Baidu to search the information they need, the entrance effect makes most of the traffic shopping sites are obtained through the entrance of Baidu. Merchants dare not despise Baidu, and Baidu is not afraid to ignore this e-commerce market.

two years ago, Taobao will shield Baidu search, Taobao insiders said many sellers due to lack of import of search engine, interest is very big damage, have asked Baidu to directly record their shop pages, and repeatedly datan Baidu C2C platform when the line, hopes to achieve from the Taobao move. While Baidu has ah on the line, as the same as Taobao properties, even suspected of plagiarism Baidu has ah, certainly not what the essence of innovation and change, also did not let Baidu in the electronic commerce this one grab much of the market. However, there is one thing we can not ignore, Baidu has ah entrance rely on Baidu’s powerful role, although he did not break success, but Taobao successfully inhibited the growth, not allow Taobao to become stronger, more is to make much of a hidden heart of ma.

now the launch of Baidu product search, will undoubtedly is a great move of the impact of e-commerce market, it can be understood as Baidu into a comprehensive e-commerce start, more can be understood as the vanguard of the cavalry fight against Taobao Baidu. Recently, Taobao has a lot of problems, and its own small and medium-sized sellers and small and medium-sized owners started Taobao, but now because of the adjustment of search rules, sellers have been strongly protested. Taobao this move can understand, strengthen management, promote the competition between sellers. But it ignores the blocking as sparse that Microsoft in the face of piracy, will also open one eye closed, this is a smart move, is facing the Chinese coup, hundreds of millions of users, a total ban on piracy will completely shut down the market, and it makes piracy circulation, let you taste some the sweetness and appropriately again blow, taste the sweetness of the used user >