;     the first thing to come to work today is to open Baidu site:www.zgzlwc.com

examination included the situation, search for "Beijing car" keywords to view the web site keywords ranking, don’t know, a look at the next hop, several keywords I do, home is reduced to third pages, originally Beijing car of this Baidu keyword bidding will be more, a few days ago I was in the Liang Wan Chuan car is still Baidu second pages, (the first page is all promotion), today I heard a big update, do not know what the reason is behind to go!


a morning query chain, the chain increased imperceptibly is the past, the afternoon suddenly flashes, a good interpretation of self comfort so I am pleased many, here to share for everyone to hear.

the weather is getting hot, Baidu is also afraid of hot ah, Baidu spider more afraid of the heat, so we had better be prepared for herbal tea brewed summer tool, Baidu spider visit, you put him wait a good you will be better ~ ~ wait is not good this summer you have Baidu spider by ~~