as a BBS webmaster, I saw a lot of other BBS webmaster exclamation, BBS SEO how to do, BBS IP how bad up, BBS how how bad. Let’s go to the portal. In fact, a forum can do, can I do good turnover, although the public forum, not to make money, but I would like to say, for those who want to profit from the forum by the webmaster, it is also not difficult.

1. The foundation of a forum is the concept of content. Once a man asked me, "what about a large forum for medical treatment?" I said at the time that it was impossible. Why? You a personal webmaster, want to play the whole medical class, do not have the energy, the station if you do, the result is certainly so forum positioning, give up halfway, to fine, at the same time, the contents of the site, the operation of your webmaster want to know enough, this is the premise. For example, "Studio Classroom forum", you can Baidu search, which is a forum for me, you might not even know what is English, you may think that this forum every day can have a few people visit? I can tell you that this forum can be over a thousand IP every day. So I say, do not do a certain range of the forum is too big, do fine is king. Moreover, when you do a detailed forum in a certain area, your customer’s goal is very strong, and accumulate target customers, e-commerce is very easy to do in the later stage.

2. After the establishment of the website is to do a good idea, for the establishment of the website, the server is the best quality, if you want to take a stand, to buy a good point, don’t buy a eighty, the traffic is not enough for a few days. Change server more or less affect the weight of the website. The establishment of the forum, the initial task is to construct the content, enrich the content only to retain customers, so early not to consider the traffic, as long as the content can be added, but note that when adding content to be considered in the SEO problem, the SEO forum is very special, and the Forum for the optimization, Google is very good optimization, there are many secrets, I will give you some separate SEO with direction, if you want to discuss the depth, you can add my QQ:651121588, I am absolutely enthusiasts SEO, focus on technology optimization. For the construction and enrichment of the content of the forum, it is the second step.

3. The third step, Forum promotion, this stage is very long, you may need to accumulate a few months to have hundreds of traffic, but if you persist, behind the road is very good, a lot of promotion methods, QQ, mass, traffic from search engines, forum and portal flow is not the same, the forum source of traffic and repeat, so, if you want to do the forum, must take the content of super good, otherwise keep customers, then you will not flow to go. The way to see if your content is attractive enough is to look at your PV. If the ratio of IP and PV is 1:10 (10 or more), then this forum will be valuable.