recently, when the blog was on fire, someone asked me how you promoted it. Tell us about it. I’ll say yes, let me see. Send out an article.


1. Regularly updated articles, to let people know the law, so that readers can have a clear expectation. Know when to visit your blog. The article is not good, it does not matter, the original line.

2. Always visit other people’s blogs to meet the right spirit of exchange, if you can’t find a blog. You can step through all of my friends back in. This focuses on persistence. When a return visit becomes a habit, you really get used to it.

3. Remove everything that drags your message. If your blog doesn’t have Spam harassment, it’s recommended to remove the verification code, especially the newbie blog. It’s impossible to have Spam harassment so soon. The monkey listened to my suggestion and changed to 5. 6, the number of comments increased obviously.

4. Remember, visitor information is the key. I see a lot of blogs that don’t remember visitor information. That’s not good. Everyone is busy, the comment can take one second, one second. A quick second means more than one comment.

5. Discuss other blogs. In subscribing to other blogs, there are bound to be some posts that resonate or promote feelings. If the feeling is relatively short, you may wish to leave a message on the other party’s blog as before, and if you are grateful enough to write a new post, you may as well send a post in your blog. Discuss topics on other blogs and sometimes even disagree. Also important is to leave a link to the post you discussed on your blog in your own post. In this respect, I’ve seen the most loosely written blog.

6. Expert interview. There are few interviews with industry experts on blogs. The most I have ever visited is the loose one. Being famous through interviews is also a good idea.

7. QQ and other chat tools. After updating the article, send a link directly to a friend. As long as you have enough skin, you can still get high marks. The main or Gabor QQ group, the link in the group, the less I feel pretty. Of course, you can send it individually in the group. But now the Tencent is disgusting. If you send it too fast, it will fall. Re login, but also engage in verification code for you.

friend chain article

1. Qinzeixianqinwang. It means you get the famous blogger first. Still worry can not find links? As to how to fix, see your own, hey hey. Seven blog links in ouango blog. You can go to see the last paragraph of this article: this time, first clean up these friends chain, the above friends, I will inform you one by one, thank you for understanding. In addition, this time only clean not recruit friends chain, we also see, although their blog is not how, but I have a friend chain requirements are still very high, thank you for your cooperation. I want the link directly, ha ha. >