editor’s note: This article was written by blogger Li Yanzhuo, founder of Catfan, whose business is a person in combat. His current identity includes programmers, artists, designers, translators, administrators. Catfan has been running for almost two years now, but the total cost is less than $5000. So he summed up some of his own cost control experience and shared it with our start-up friends.

below is the text:


business people very much, but I believe the product line and product is not on-line can get a lot of money is absolutely rare, so most business people are in the capital and human resources under the condition of limited step by step with the pace of business. How to manage these limited resources to maintain the development of the entire site, is a decision can continue to maintain the business of a major problem. Otherwise, even if the idea is better, it will eventually fail or disband because of the disruption of the capital chain. Here are some examples of cost savings and resources that may provide useful references for many start-ups and teams at start-up.


a good server can provide a powerful support for a web site. But personally or to buy a separate server architecture and high cost, many start-ups started that their products will get millions of hits explosive in a short period of time, to select the configuration of high independent server, this is in fact limited fund startups is absolutely great pressure. However, in recent years, VPS (Virtual, Private, Server virtual private server) technology has matured, and only a small amount of funds to pay, you can provide independent servers and high flexibility, high quality service. As long as the technology is not bad, an ordinary VPS server is enough to deal with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of traffic. Even when the real need to upgrade configuration, most VPS can not need the server’s memory, CPU, hard disk, bandwidth allocation and upgrading any data transfer case, some even do not need to restart.

in addition, there are some free CDN (Content distribution network content distribution network) service can be selected for more pictures website, can greatly reduce the server traffic, reduce the cost of bandwidth.

domain name

you may have had a very good name as a brand, but found the name of the.COM domain name has been registered by others, or even to speculation. Now basically you can think of the.COM domain name has long been registered by others. In this case, in fact, you can consider some other niche domains (such as.Ly, prevailing in recent years.