yesterday saw the news that Shanghai information service industry association to carry out research and development, provide technical support to Shanghai Zhuo Cheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., assistant network editor and network editor of Shanghai Baojing technical training schools to provide training. The training school, now the college entrance examination after the college graduates are busy looking for work and charging, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity, but for the current state of the Internet, whether it is necessary to do network editor


training price comparison

Shanghai web editor of the monthly salary is mainly concentrated in the 2500-3500, 2250 is the training fee of the editor and assistant editor of 1670 network, network is the training fee, but if the regular web site to work, basically new monthly salary of about 1500-2000, although the salary is not high, but at least be able to maintain a normal life therefore, the training fee is almost 0.

training content comparison,

in the training school, the content of the training list looks complicated, but does not actually speak deeply, because the network involves a wide range of editing functions, and senior network editor impossible to training school to do a teacher, so only the fur learned in the training school.

we all know that most of the website upgrade, the frequency of product development is very fast, I see a training document that mentions the use of background release system, I smiled at that time, each website background is not the same, training school could teach the website backstage use? So I very much doubt network editor training teachers.

however, the recruitment of network editors now does not depend on what certificate you have for network editors, because the age of certificates is long gone, and the ability is the most important in the big family of the internet. If you have time to train school training, it is better to learn some more practical things from the Internet company. After all, practice is a good way to learn.

Comparison of

training environment

in the training school, I dare not say that there is no experience training people to charge, but at least 90% is no experience, think about it, most of the students have no experience, training teachers do not have knowledge of the senior, what can be learned in there? That good environment come from? Not the training school, or the company


training opportunities contrast

in the training school, basically can not meet some of the more cattle Internet users, but the company is not the same, we are experienced, and are Internet insiders in the company, the integration of resources, the accumulation of contacts can be obtained, if the good business development, will the company became the object of training, but only in the training school is limited outlook and feed on illusions.

Comparison of

training results

the training time is three months, and maybe some people think so