some unknown customer market, some of the construction site from thousands of thousands of high, very do not understand, they were more interested in some of the site workers low price more than 1000 pieces, so that hundreds of pieces, this low price nature is very attractive, but they know that behind the unspoken rule? Such a disparity in price, high to where, where is the low, nature is a statement.

high quality, high price, low quality, low price, there is no free lunch.

1, there is no site planning steps, the content is derived from. Professional website design is based on the survey planning, only to understand the customer’s industry, customers, competitors, it can be targeted planning website, to reflect the characteristics of the industry, to meet customer requirements, different from competitors. You can’t expect such a process to be cheap. There is no specific design, different companies in different industries website publicity will be different, need to solve some problems with the website customer daily are not the same, for example, if you are a sales agent of a machinery enterprise, so in the network to provide convenient "maintenance query" function is very useful for customers. And cheap website is commonly "home page, brief introduction, product, connection" four big module.

2, cheap in the absence of good after-sales service. Cheap sites, for more cost savings, he will not have a good after-sales service, and even did not consider it at all. They also don’t provide track service to your website marketing, and fix bugs in time. They are afraid of the next cheap user’s cheap request. Professional and dedicated web builders, such as Y3 studio (, often provide professional technical guidance to clients to help them improve their technology and correct their mistakes.

3, in the use of general template xinshounianlai, plagiarism website ready-made templates. You want cheap, good website builder the website to find some of the same industry template, as long as the change of some framework, change some pictures, what is more, only a change of name or address change is made, you 500, you must feel cheap, value for money, the site builders indebted forever you know on the cheap. Where one day you find on the site there are very similar to your web site and another site.

4, cheap website is not going to give you a set of search keywords, and you will find your website keyword is actually someone else’s name (with the other company website template, the keyword substitution results) of the picture, it is a province, this website is not expected to be free search engine income.

5, first use the cheap domain name space, if you hear the domain name space is free, certainly seemed value, and is not to say that the domain name space stability and speed will not cause interference to your customers browse confused and impatient. You are second years of service providers to notify you when to renew the domain name space You’ll see. free lunch is not for a long time. As for how much money, God knows whether it is a high price, when you do not