now there are more and more garbage websites on the Internet, and there are all kinds of garbage stations everywhere. As a garbage dump, of course, advertising is the profit model, so just go in one spot and it’s overwhelming advertising. In this way, users are more and more disgusted, build a garbage station, competition is also great. At this point, you have to find ways to change the type of site.

I have a friend, he built a website, after a number of SEO optimization, more than a month later, his website ranked second in Baidu. His website does not have advertisement, so what profit does he rely on? Tell everybody first what kind of website type is he?. His website is a business information website, similar to 3158 of those. There are several advantages to building such a website.

1. does not require too much input, the early find a template program, release some of their information, slowly seduce spider program.

2. doesn’t need to be updated every day. My friend’s Web site is free to sign up for a certain amount of information.

this way, after the flow, the rate of updates is very frequent, because advertisers are advertising information, but also free of charge, so that you can attract a lot of people to advertise above. Search engines will also be more frequent. However, attention should be maintained every day to delete some false, illegal information.

so how can my classmates make a profit?. He first check the website advertising information amount is relatively large, then he would contact those publishers, tell them to give them to my site to bring a lot of traffic, if you want to keep your information on my site you must pay a certain cost of advertising. To put it plainly, ask them for money. If the advertiser thinks it’s worth it, it’ll cost you. My friend has made a lot of money online. How much specific, I can not disclose.

such profit model, interested owners can try. If you are free, you can download some small games on my small websites to relax your mind and body. and