network has a great influence on the consolidation of China Internet, no matter is the size of the site, as well as the server, space business, it is a severe test, but also to the webmaster reminder, let everyone know how to do their own website, on the occasion of the new year, we we also should think about how to make your own website, in the right way, a long walk, what we should do now.

, here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about in this adjustment, and I’d like to discuss it with you.

legitimate operation, do not opportunistic

In fact,

website and company is a reason, all need the national certification, some people may feel that it is not so important, for the record was so much trouble, so slow, I just opened YOU Hui house, some people say there is no record of no matter, it would not close your website. I didn’t listen to him, or go to the record, it was very lucky that, after the network system will gradually improve, we must work in accordance with the regulations, or the victim is yourself, not others.

every webmaster want to site is booming, but how to make it prosperous, I have seen many methods on the Internet, many of them are brave, what they are on the site of getting some illegal content and edge, to attract everyone’s attention, there may be some popularity in a short time, but not a permanent solution. Often in the river walk, which can not wet shoes. There will be times to be rectified. Experience site not only want to temporarily prosperous, but also want to smooth development, that is the key.

allows the site to grow naturally, don’t spoil things by excessive enthusiasm

network with the increasingly powerful, more and more people join the Internet, also has its own website or shop, I can scarcely wait to make money, is also one of them, to do for a long time to know, to manage a website, it is not easy, there are a lot of website promotion online, website optimization tutorial, you must you know, SEO is not the site all, it is just one of the many forms of promotion, but now more heat, we should optimize the website, but don’t optimization excessive, or to the content of the website, make a web site optimization as the natural growth, never as a result you spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, can think and.

today because of the time, first here, then the other network, rectification is not terrible, we believe that its prospects are good, then we’ll work together to give you a healthy network. My website is YOU Hui clothing Court (, contact QQ:565081852, reprinted please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation!