in the current Chinese Web site, most of the traffic is from Baidu, but once you lose Baidu, many websites have lost the confidence to do the station. Here I can explain to you that the point is that Baidu comes with more people, and there are fewer people coming to GG. The main point is the weight of your site keywords. GG is also a Chinese Web site in second. How to say it is also an international web site?. Although in China, it can be less traffic than Baidu. But as long as your weight increases, it will give you more or less traffic. All I have to say is a few simple ways to improve your weight

1. website should have privacy policy, do not find my blog privacy policy, I have not added, because the entire site has not done well.

2. provides complete contact methods, including phone and real address.

3. has at least forty or fifty pages or more of

before it has lots of good content

4. links to several authoritative websites within the industry,

above, these four points from two months ago Google Adwords whole bidding system of a very small change. Before Adwords ads are ranked according to the price and click rate, in July, Google notifies Adwords customers, quality of the site itself will be credited to the bidding system, low quality sites have to pay the cost to be high.

has a lot of stationmaster to reflect, this change makes they need to pay two to three times above the price, maintain same advertisement rank. Some webmaster contact Google later, Google answer is to improve the above four. Although this is for Adwords advertisers, why can’t you use the same standard in the rankings?

5. domain names registered in a few more years, instead of yearly renewals domain Whois data and website contact with the two in a patent application has been mentioned in Google.

6. uses an independent IP address,

most sites share an IP address on a virtual host. However, some people suggest that independent IP addresses are a sign of high quality websites, which is also very logical. But Matt Cutts once said, "don’t worry about that.". Choose which side of the letter you want to make up your own mind.

7. has no or few dead links, 404 errors, etc. on

8. server downtime reduced fast response. This should not directly affect the ranking, unless you swing machine for a week, otherwise search engine spiders will come a few days to grab your web pages. But also a logical reasoning is that if your website is down most of the time, you on this website is not serious, may not be of high quality.

9. pages, HTML code, W3C validation, at least reduce serious code >