I’m a little webmaster, found the method of traffic explosion, share a simple.

take patriotism as an example. When you see the QQ mass patriotic picture at that time, you have not thought of the pictures sent to your web site for everyone patriotic? If you have the time, you can harvest, I just want to head for everyone at the time, so a a patriotic article. Sleep up look at the statistics, surprised, my article not ranked first, also less than second, but from the keyword of patriotism to IP day is about 2000IP. for 4 days or so, although the ranking is still popular, but has not.

these days what is the hottest thing? Sister Lan Dong this 4 word search, 7000 times, 00 add up to tens of thousands of pieces. 90 bags and ah purple, this is not to understand, the blog of tens of millions, not blowing, he opened the QQ blog, the statistics clearly written thousands of these 2 are very popular online, but I only know yesterday, hey.. miss, just yesterday issued Lan Dong Jie Jiewen chapter that ranking is not very good, more traffic is not obvious, we should focus on the Internet every day in the use of the Internet resources properly.

learn the anti CNN web site founder, anti CNN is how ah? There are CCTV to interview, to the end, also looking for PR=2 or IP 3000 QQ non mainstream station friendship connection, connection is too difficult.Bs some of the owners, is a grassroots webmaster, why set the bar so high?