thank you for your active participation in the last article! The collective wisdom is so powerful! I’m going to prepare your speech and add my speech to a single article.

recently in the business, a few days ago with my colleagues to learn some of the characteristics of Discover Adobe Omniture, the excited, in what made a post, said this is a super tool, by the widespread interest of everyone. Maybe some of you, but a feeling of excitement, if the speech is wrong, please forgive my friends.

continues to measure this topic today, digging deeper into Visitor and Visit. The topic didn’t really exist, but it’s still worth while to see some of the little doubts about visitor and visit in this series. The reason why we still say it is not that we die to remember the relevant provisions of the two measures, but that the two measures involve principles, methods, and tools, which are more valuable knowledge.

why do Visitor and Visit easily make us wonder,



, Visitor, what makes us wonder, and where to be clarified, lie in the following points:


The meaning of "

Visitor" means the number of people visited, but visitor can not be equated with the number of natural people who actually visit your website.

Visitor and visit page view and the two measure is different, the size of visitor with time (granularity): even if the same length of time, the different time granularity, the number of visitor will be different.

in contrast, the use of log file (log method) of visitor counts are congenitally deficient, so the concept of visitor is less used for log methods. (about the log method and what is the markup method, please see my article: server logs, the principles and advantages and disadvantages of website analysis)

a little explanation for the three points above. First, the meaning of visitor is the number of visitors to the site, which is specific. However, it is impossible to really know how many people have visited your site. Why? If you and your friends a public computer, and use the same browser to visit my blog (,, the method of using technology to accurately distinguish the two visitors very difficult — cannot in a camera on your computer so peep! Regardless of technology development and to what extent, I think 100% accurate record number of access to the site is not possible, not only is the network >