brief introduction of the first metacarpal, broadcast network ( site has a year, now has a membership of 2 billion 600 million people, 95% of them for the real data, there are about 5% repeated registration, registered members are | QQ | mailbox name field, and from the data sampling, more than 75% users the real name (or shaped like a real name registration, mailbox name) are basically true.

The new

users daily registration number stabilized at more than 1000 people / day (weekend in more than 1500 people), mainly from Guangdong Jiangsu Shandong Henan

broadcast network is currently available the highest quality resources of the mobile phone video clear mobile phone industry website, currently, palm broadcast network production resources in the mobile phone video industry is the most clear, the best quality, every movie we are making use of screen DVD source + characters, ensure playback in on the mobile phone, MTV resources are used in all high-definition sources, some sources sound effect is not good all over again with high quality MP3 sound pressure again, to ensure that every department resources are fine.

at the same time, the palm of every broadcast network resources are marked with clear watermark, because we provide resources to palm customers with confidence, we hope that every department with after the watermarked video is downloaded out all our publicity, can bring new customers, in fact, is true, according to Baidu, every day from Baidu search "the number of broadcast network | 3gmovie zhangbowang | palm" and other words in more than 500 times, many users are directly added to my QQ told me, is to see the very clear film students mobile phone, according to the web site to find a home, it should be said that this year, Zhang broadcast network established a good reputation in the mobile phone user groups.

has set up online broadcast message of the palm, there are more than 5000 messages in the message, don’t curse basically also did not say bad, the general comment on the download station is broadcast online curse everywhere, a palm can not see, all boast a website done well and for tablets this point, palm broadcast network guestbook data can be checked at any time, a IP card, not false.

Speaking in front of

palm clear every watermark on the broadcast network resources, each resource is a propaganda, now the total resource site about 13000 / sets, including WMV, Avi, 3GP and other mobile phone format and size, are all clear, every are the blood pressing, absolutely not online some vague garbage video can be compared, in the number of broadcast network, palm is not the industry’s largest, in terms of quality, palm mobile phone video broadcast network, that is absolutely not to say, can be said to have downloaded the person will remember.

There is a background in the

palm multicast network