to enter the Internet industry for a year in National Day approaching, summarized their experience of website promotion, hope to like just getting started is still confused and I master some help, detours, earn money faster. In fact, website promotion is fastidious about the method and the toughness, otherwise, the loss outweighs the gain, the promotion road is narrower and narrower, the income has not made great progress. Then I use my own enterprise to stand a year of experience, to talk about how to make a profitable site, and how to effectively promote and obtain high returns. If there are objections you on my way, also welcome Paizhuan!

I didn’t do a lot of so-called portal is the whole station, I think that a person’s energy is limited, and the so-called one operation of a portal station did not earn money, but on the face feel very cow, have portal station feel very glorious, in fact. I think not to earn money the station is not necessary to do, not only time-consuming, but not much income, I think our webmaster do website is to make money, don’t tell me that you are for what personal interest, I think this situation is too little, basically is to make money, okay, if you and I agree, so please continue to watch it, if not, then please bypass. First of all, summarize the commonly used website promotion methods, and then come to the direct relationship between revenue and promotion.

one, blog sprocket promotion

some people say that this way has long been out of date, I do not think so, in any way as long as the extreme, then you will be better promotion of the road than others. So what is the sprocket, the simple point that is the blog by A B B C chain, chain, chain C A way to form a one-way closed ring, then every blog links to web sites, such as blogs will improve the weights of the site itself, to bring high weight, and with the extension of this blog. The ring will be more and more big, finally to the forum, Post Bar and so on are added to the chain, which is a generalization of the blog sprocket, because Post Bar itself is not a forum, blog, here also join this ring. This can be a description of the image, is a person with a lot of celebrity recommendation, it naturally becomes famous, as we Chinese want to get a new director, director of the famous nature can bring a new.

specific operation can be registered 5 Sina blog, let the one-way closed ring is formed between the 5 blog, then other websites such as NetEase, Tianya, blog bus, Baidu space were registered 5 blog, chain formed between each type of blog, and then into a big sprocket, every blog pointing to the website, improve website weight. That someone will say, and improve the weight of the website, what use, and did not go to promote, in fact, these are preliminary work, only after these are done, the latter can work more smoothly.

two, Forum promotion

says it’s a platitude. There’s nothing new, but it’s tricky, too