I think a lot of online shopping often domestic female friends say this B2C platform is no stranger to the beautiful, he is the electronic commerce platform based on social network, its target users for major customers mainly is the pursuit of fashionable female friends. Some people commented that the "beautiful" and another platform, mogujie.com has become a successful model of domestic social electricity supplier. And as the most successful social B2C business platform, beauty said there is any secret of success, I think the key trick is to have a good operation and profit model. First of all, let’s take a look at the beauty of the basic situation.



, which was founded in November 09, aims to target female users who are looking for fashion trends. Through this platform, these trendy women can find the right fashion clothing and skin care products. Users can search for experts, products and group buying information about fashion products, and share this information on their own social networks. Some people will ask where they come from? Although beauty is a B2C business site, but he did not have their own products, many of the above goods are from the largest shopping website taobao.com". When the user clicks on these products, will turn to other shopping sites, users can purchase the corresponding products in these sites, when the user consumption, it can get a commission, this model is the domestic familiar Wangzhuan model Taobao guest".

status quo

, according to statistical data from the network survey, as of May this year, more than 150 million registered users said beautiful. With more than 3 million 500 thousand visitors per day and 179 million page views, the average page view of each visitor is 60 pages per page. And from Taobao news said, beautiful say can bring eight hundred million yuan monthly turnover of Taobao.

below, let’s take a look at the beautiful Alexa data. In the figure below, we can clearly see the general trend of traffic ranking, we can see a significant upward trend.


profit model

says the business model is based on the B2C model of social networking. Women who follow fashion trends can explore and share their products on the platform. In the above we have said the actual and not their own enterprise products, other products are electricity supplier website, if visitors through the beautiful said the entrance after consumption, so beautiful that you can get from the sellers of the products commission. In this regard, we can say in general that beauty is just a user’s shopping guide platform, so that users can understand what the latest trends in fashion, where can I buy these products? How to wear costumes?