half a year ago, Shen Si with papaya mobile came to the new board, the company secretaries said: "I think the new board is Chinese capital market in the future"; after half a year, papayamobile chose to leave, "said Secretaries (the company) itself is an attitude". The trouble is lonely……

tighter regulation, the market downturn, in 2016, the new board has too many stories.

read Jun believe that the new board in 2016, for most people, it is cold.

but for some people, their 2016 three new board memory is not only a cold so simple, perhaps "The imprint is engraved on my heart".

below, let you read the king to take a look at the 2016 three new board ten bad eggs.

1, Kay: three no three fall, fold in the fate of turning point

overseas listing fails; the impact of gem failure; listed three new board two years later, it is difficult to be acquired, and failed.

this Mingku child, it is called Kay (430618.OC).

2006, Kay built VIE architecture for overseas listing, but coincides with the 2008 outbreak of the global financial crisis, the overseas market downturn, Kay wipe the tears, the heart is hard to build the demolition CEDI VIE;

2012, Kay with hope for the future impact on the gem, but after the announcement of the prospectus, the company’s problems are exposed: because of copyright issues suffered a huge indemnity, whitewash financial data and growth. So, soon to succeed IPO Kelid, frustrated.

2014, Careland listed on the new board. Two years later, A shares of the company after it Xingmin Zhitong, plans to buy 1 billion 600 million yuan. But ultimately failed to reach a consensus, Kelid once again Mengsui A shares.

three is not three, every fold in the fate of a turning point: one can not blame the government, back not to blame society. You can only read a sentence: Life helpless sympathy rough Careland ah, why are you so bad.

2, Chen Mo: 2 billion 900 million gone, his wife did not

‘s career two down, this year in the most miserable people live the new board, none other than non Chen mo.

Chen Mo, ink Lin shares (835067.OC) actual controller, Wolong real estate (600173) shares of the biggest beneficiaries of the acquisition of the ink Lin.

in June this year, the Wolong real estate shares ink Lin received from the marriage of the olive branch, which is intended to be 4 billion 409 million yuan to purchase 97.71% of the equity shares of the ink Lin. If all goes well, it will be this year, A shares of the company’s acquisition of the company’s new three panel with a big case, Chen Mo will be 2 billion 900 million yuan in cash.

but the world is so cruel, to see the 2 billion 900 million, because of Wolong