as a career in the Internet above four or five years of rookie, do not stand may have all I more love himself as a hobby, vaguely remember when graduated from University, your specialty is not conducive to their own to find a comfortable job, wander astray into the Internet world, the when the network or from post promotion through the step by step, looking back is not easy, every post that is a pitch-dark, dizziness, Yaosuanbeiteng, but also about a accidentally deleted letter and does not reach the amount of lead by one less piece buckle buckle salary, really sad

!Of course,

now also climbed to the management, not on their own hands under the employee so cruel Construction issued within the chain chain, I prefer that they can do it yourself, but I am just a week to do a planning, they do not leave the core idea in my heart can desire to play their own creative.

Fan Bingbing also said a word, I just didn’t want to marry a wealthy, wealthy "I think this confirms as if we do the Internet as a person, as long as you stand well, creative, content, you are rich, also worried that there is no user demand? China 900 million network, there are always so Jibaijiqianjiwan is your fans. The Internet also has a sentence, "content is king, the chain as the emperor", but also illustrates the importance of content.

what I’m talking about today is how website operations define user value. First of all, you have to determine what your website’s soul is and what your soul is. So, below I 53 courseware network stationmaster Wu You with everybody thin and thin to say.

1, the beginning of the site, keyword selection is very important,

said it might be useful to you now. From 2010 to now I do the three site, good scene is not long, I just wanted to do a personal blog, then taking his name to a blog, blog content is on the Internet, within bidding, the contents of SEO, about half the time, through the Baidu and Sogou web, then do I think our advertising, for half a year can finally be profitable, on the point of advertising network alliance website also maintained good. Our advertising has five hundred or six hundred dollars for three or four months, because he has been at work, after work station is in his spare time, go home every day is to write the original, and then comes online reprint some fine article, then girlfriend said to me, come back every day to get eleven two points, earned hundred dollars a month, interesting? Here you may as well.

then thinking of making a major news source site, but what time to find news, news release, and then in the background in a collection, we do not know the effect of said, adhere to six months and abandoned. Space, domain name will be wasted in where, since then did not manage the site.

why would I say the first page of the website?